Aston Martin DB11 с легкой броней против похищения

We are proud to introduce our new Aston Martin DB11 in armouring Level 4 A-Kip®, achieved with the application of certified ballistic materials (ballistic steel, ballistic glass, and lightweight composite materials). Lightweight Armouring Concept does not compromise the vehicle’s performance or comfort characteristics. Level 4 Certified Ballistic materials inside the doors.

Certified Ballistic Glass all-round provides reliable protection against street crime, whether the vehicle is attacked with blunt instruments or handguns of calibers up to .44 Magnum (including the .357 Magnum and 9-millimeter Luger).

TRASCO A-KIP® armouring concept is made to discreetly blend in with traffic, retaining the appearance of the original vehicle combined with the protection of an armoured car.

The TRASCO A-KIP® (Anti-Kidnapping) concept is a lightweight armouring concept according to LEVEL 4 providing numerous advantages. This concept is designed to protect the vehicle occupants using only certified ballistic materials such as ballistic steel combined with composite materials which are fitted inside the doors and Level 4 Certified Ballistic Glass all-round. The additional weight of armouring is less than 150kg – the gross vehicle weight remains unchanged. Therefore there is no compromise of the vehicle’s performance or comfort characteristics.
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Мы рады сообщить, что TRASCO Bremen GmbH и Volvo Car Corporation сотрудничают в сфере тяжелой бронетехники

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Trasco Bremen GmbH сотрудничает с HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY по разработке, баллистической VPAM сертификации и производству бронированных лимузинов Genesis