Service Support

Armored vehicles require special service, considering their added weight and special modifications, from people who know how to service armored vehicles.

Security provisions also must be considered to prevent tampering, whether accidentally or maliciously. So rest assured, if you should ever require spare parts or inspection, we’ll be there. Our extensive database contains pertinent information collected during the vehicle’s production to assure ultimate efficiency in supplying the needed spare parts and service for your vehicle. Our unparalleled service also includes regularly scheduled vehicle maintenance to keep your investment in working order for years to come.

We will ship the spare parts you need when you need them, to provide the support and service you expect from us.

Furthermore, Trasco is an authorized global distributor for the MICHELIN PAX SYSTEM and is able to ship MICHELIN PAX tires worldwide.



No matter where you happen to be, no matter when it happens to be, we remain on call 24/7 to ensure expedient interventions worldwide:

Sales & Service Manager
Eastern Europe & Asia

Hotline:  +49 170 781 09 22
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Sales & Service Manager Europe,
Middle East & Africa

Hotline:  +49 171 56 72 482
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Service & Repair

The main difference with an armored vehicle and a traditional vehicle is the increased weight it carries. Therefore service intervals are more frequent and more extensive.

The service requirement during and after the vehicle’s warranty period is according to general business terms and conditions and is based on the four following categories:

1. Routine service and/or repair of armored cars in customers’ own workshops using the main Service Manual and Supplementary User Manual. Necessary spare parts and service information should be ordered by TRASCO and/or by authorized car distributors in the customer’s region.

2. Standard service and/or repair of armored cars in the workshops of our local service partners. Their personnel have been trained by TRASCO technicians and have sufficient technical information and work descriptions.

3. Service and/or repair of armored vehicles by order of a TRASCO–Flying Doctor (trained mechanics, electricians, armored vehicle body specialists) who are capable of undertaking more detailed work, either at an Authorized Service center or at the customer's premises using their own equipment and materials. Our trained and highly competent technicians are able to perform customer service, repairs and trouble-shooting at the customer’s site or at one of our service centers.

4. If major repairs are required, the TRASCO manufacturing plant can provide the full range of service, repair and/or refurbishment of all types of vehicles.

To preserve the warranty, work that requires replacement or repair of armored plates should be carried out in accordance with category 3 or 4 exclusively.

Spare Parts

Most TRASCO armored vehicles have an exclusive design, features and special parts lists. We deliver our customers the spare parts and kits which are not included in the standard original equipment program of the manufacturer:

  • Multi-layered heatable ballistic glass (22-73 mm up to B7 with windows lifters).
  • Reinforced heavy duty shock absorbers and coil springs.
  • Upgraded special brakes components (brake pads, drums, supports, discs, etc).
  • Upgraded suspension and power train components (torsions, wheel bearings, stabilizers).
  • Special "Explosafe" fuel tank which prevents the fuel from exploding should a projectile hit the fuel tank.
  • Redesigned and reinforced rims, Run flat inserts or PAX tire systems for summer or winter.
  • Redesigned and reinforced rims, Run flat inserts or PAX tire systems for summer or winter
  • Special electrical components for the safety and comfort system (battery, intercom, alarm siren, TV/DVD multimedia, battery charger, etc.)

We also offer preventive maintenance and service programs, basic spare parts packages (for the first and second year) and premium spare parts packages (for three to four years).

Important spare parts such as the special security glass or reinforced components are mostly kept in stock enabling to immediately respond to a client's urgent need. If you are interested in receiving information about spare parts of our after-sales services, please contact one of our service representatives.

Global Logistics

Armored vehicles have special shipping needs. We are happy to safely prepare, facilitate and transport your automobile. Simply arrange for us to pick up your vehicle or deliver it to our facility and we will handle the rest. We will prepare your vehicle for transport, prepare necessary documents, take care of customs clearance, and safety delivery your vehicle to its final domestic or overseas destination.