The Audi A6 can be armored by TRASCO according to the armoring level B4+ (VPAM Level 6).

Luxury AUDI vehicles are being armored in Bremen since an official OEM-Cooperation was agreed in 1989 with AUDI AG. In the following years the armored AUDI A8L (D2) was produced by our company for AUDI AG unitl Audi

decided to set up an inhouse armoring programm in Ingolstadt. Until today AUDI AG is being supplied with spare parts for the vehicles which were armored during the period of the cooperation and which are still in usage in various parts of the world.



Testlevel according to

Classification by
PM 2007 (PM)    
BRV 2009 (VR)

Stanag 4569
AEP 55 (level)

Comparable to*                        
DIN EN 1063 (BR),          
DIN EN 1522/23 (FB),      
BRV 1999 (VR)          

Type of Weapon


Type of bullet          


Standoff (m)

Standard Hit Spacing




PM 6
VR 6


( B4+ not classified)

PS Ball
(AK 47)

7.62 x 39mm


10 +/- 0.5    

3 shots on the vertices of a triangle @ 120 +/- 10mm


Special manufactured heavy duty discs, calipers and pads are being used due to the increased weight of the armored vehicle, which keep the brake performance and reduce fading for all time safety braking.

Tire and Rims

Due to the weight of the armored sedan or limousine, the vehicle is equipped with special tires with an increased load index.

Rims with special unique design and proven payload include the run flat system for emergency driving with a puncture up to a range of 50 km with 50km/h speed.