Reacquisition of the brand name TRASCO and change of the company name from Transport Security Corporation Bremen GmbH to Trasco Bremen GmbH.


The next brand TRANSECO was created in 2011, following the acquisition of assets of CENTIGON Germany GmbH. The brand TRANSECO was used until mid of 2014 in a transition process to the original brand name TRASCO Bremen GmbH.

Today, as in in the past, TRASCO with rich history spanning over 30 years is specialized in armored limousines for Heads of States, armored sedans and SUVs as well as special vehicles and equipment for Ministries of Defense and Interior.



Under the guidance of BAE Systems plc., the company develops the current model of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 in VR-6 ( Fully certified version of B6 ), B7 and STANAG II after more than 560 units of the predecessor model, the Toyota Land Cruiser 100 have been build and sold since 1998 in B6, B7 and Stanag II.

BAE Systems plc, a world known British multinational defence, security and aerospace company headquartered in London, United Kingdom, which is among the world's largest military contractors; acquired Armor Holdings Inc. and its associated company Centigon in 2007.



In 2006 the company continued its business regarding the production of armored and stretched limousines based on the current model of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W221), which had started in 1985, more than twenty years ago, with the first S-Classes (W126) to be armored.

In 2005 Armor Holdings Inc. formed a new brand after the US based Holding had acquired various companies in the field of commercially armored vehicles and changed the name of the company from Trasco to Centigon Germany.


Armord Holding Inc., a US Corporation acquired Trasco as a leading company in the field of commercially armored vehicles in 2001 in order to complement its product range.



In 2000 finally a second cooperation with VW AG – Commercial Vehicle Division (OEM) was agreed on with reference to the production of armored VW T4 Busses in VR-4, after the partnership with AUDI AG had become a success story in the previous years.

Based on the international success of the company a new factory has been inaugurated in 1999 in Oserholz-Scharmbeck near Bremen. This factory used to be the most advances and modern one of its time with more than 27.000 square meters.



Finally in 1998, after two generations of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class had already been armored with regular and extended wheelbases by the company in Bremen, the third generation of the S-Class (W220) was fully reengineered as an armored variant and as a consequence build until 2005.


Begin of production of the armored Toyota Land Cruiser 100


In 1991 the decision has been taken to continue the production of stretched and armored limousines based on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W140) after the armoring of the predecessor model (W126) of the S-Class had turned out to be a great success.

After the first OEM-Cooperation with Volvo turned out to be a major success, another official OEM-Cooperation was agreed on in 1989 with AUDI AG. In the following years the armored AUDI A8L (D2) was produced by the company for AUDI AG unitl Audi decided to set up an inhouse armoreing programm in Ingolstadt. Until today AUDI AG is being supplied with spare parts for the vehicles which were armored during the period of the cooperation und which are still in usage in various parts of the world.


An initial OEM-Cooperation has been set up with Volvo in 1988 with the armoring of the Volvo 940 in B6.


The production of the first stretched and armored limousines based on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class (V126) started in 1985 and set the base for successor models of the S-Class to be armored.


In 1983 TRASCO Export GmbH in Bremen / Germany was founded and right from the beginning vehicles were armored for reputed Government clients such the first Russian President Mr. Elzin and his armored ZILs.


Made in Germany

Committed to excellence. For more than two and a half decades, armored vehicles build in Bremen-Germany have embodied the individual requirements of international clients in need of mobile security – by converting SUV´s, sedans and luxury limousines into the most secure vehicles.


Our know-how lies in making things already perfect even better. This is manifested by a wealth of innovative German craftsmanship, our armored designs, steel work, mechatronics, as well as our functional interior designs including a wide range of patents. From the outside a Trasco vehicle can hardly be recognized as an armored vehicle due to the use of special materials, including bullet-proof glass. After all, you should feel just as safe inside our vehicles as you do at home.